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Disposable-Lab SAS
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Contract Manufacturing

Disposable-lab is the only pharmaceutical laboratory using disposable technologies for the entire manufacturing process, from formulation to final filling.

These technologies significantly reduce:

  • Risk of cross contamination: protection of the product, the people, and the environment;
  • The cleaning operation and its validation are much less time consuming and costly.
  • Production cycle time decreases and flexibility increases.

Disposable-Lab’s modular design allows:

  • Quick and simple installation;
  • Dedicated production areas;
  • Simplified scale-up: the same technology used for clinical batches is used for commercial production.

For more information, please contact Jean-Pascal Zambaux by email


Disposable-Lab will design and install production modules for sterile pharmaceutical production. Disposable-Lab holds 5 registered patents and 2 license agreements.

Disposable-Lab offers this technology to its customers along with assistance in setting-up disposable production lines in their own plants.

This modular design permits quick set-up and installation at the customer’s location worldwide.

Disposable-Lab offers Life Sciences companies a new way to produce sterile pharmaceutical products with faster time to market at less cost.

For more information, please contact Jean-Pascal Zambaux by email

Sterile and pyrogen free vials, ready to use

Disposable-Lab produces sterile and pyrogen free vials, cleaned with Water for Injection and in double primary packaging. These vials are ready to use in a class A area.

The applications are numerous and include:

  • Diagnostic products;
  • Injectable sterile products;
  • Biologic products;
  • High potent products;
  • Product that needs to be segregated (medical device assembly)

Pyrofree® is a unique technology that sterilizes and depyrogenates with high temperature dry heat while the vials remain double shrink wrapped and under vacuum.

  • The primary packaging is completely pyrogen free;
  • Additional protection during handling with the primary package under vacuum and doubled wrapped;
  • Sterilization without the use of ethylene oxide or steam;

As a result, Pyrofree® offers security against damage, particle generation, and endotoxin contamination, from the vial’s preparation to l their use in the production area.

For more information, please contact Jean-Pascal Zambaux on